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Gortanova 22
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: ++386 1 520 77 37
Fax: ++386 1 520 77 40

SI56 0201 7001 8848 566

Coming to and around Ljubljana

The closest hotels to the Faculty of Sport are:

- City Hotel   map
- Celica Hostel   map
- Park Hotel   map
- Bit Hotel   map
- M-hotel (a bit more distant)   map

Busses from Ljubljana Airport travel between the airport and the main bus and railway station in Ljubljana. The journey takes around 45 minutes. A more detailed timetable is available on the airport web pages>>>

City bus
In the city the bus is the most convenient transport (accept for the bicycle, of course). Before the conference we will give precise instructions which busses and bus stops to use. Tokens for the bus can be purchased in the red cube-like boots called "trafika" or in post offices. The busses that drive close to the Faculty of Sport are nr. 5 and nr. 9.



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