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2011, letnik XVII, številka 1



J. Edgar Bauer
Sexuality and its nuances: On Magnus Hirschfeld’s sexual ethnology and China’s sapiential heritage
Anthropological Notebooks 17(1), 5−27 (2011) [polno besedilo ]

Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco
City of goldsmiths: Economy, local identity and rhetoric in Valenza, Italy
Anthropological Notebooks 17(1), 29−51 (2011) [polno besedilo ]

Lenart Kodre
Psychoanalysis for anthropology: An introduction to Lacanian anthropology
Anthropological Notebooks 17(1), 53−72 (2011) [polno besedilo ]

Maja Nazaruk
Reflexivity in anthropological discourse analysis
Anthropological Notebooks 17(1), 73−83 (2011) [polno besedilo ]

Elena Sischarenco
It is all a matter of trust: Polish women in Italy
Anthropological Notebooks 17(1), 85−99 (2011) [polno besedilo ]


• McGregor, JoAnn and Ranka Primorac: Zimbabwe’s New Diaspora. Displacement and the Cutural Politics of Survival
Berdahl, Daphne: On the Social Life of Postsocialis. Memory, Consumption, Germany
• Weszkalnys, Gisa: Transforming Place in a Unified Germany
• Herring, D. Ann and Alan C. Swedlund: Plagues and Epidemisc, Infected Spaces Past and Present
• Rockefeller, Stuart Alexander: Starting from Quirpini: The Travels and Places of a Bolivian People
• Melhuus, Marit, Jon P. Mitchell and Helena Wulff: Ethnographic Practice in the Present
• Zontini, Elisabetta: Transnational Families, Migration and Gender. Moroccan and Filipino Women in Bologna and Barcelona
• McCourt, Christine: Childbirth, Midwifery and Concepts of Time

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