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2012, volume XVIII, number 2



Subal Das and Kaushik Bose
Nutritional deprivation among Indian tribals: A cause for concern
Anthropological Notebooks 18(2), 5−16 (2012) [full text ]

Paul Green
Explorations of difference in a homogeneous field: Intermarriage and mixedness amongst Brazilian migrants in Japan
Anthropological Notebooks 18(2), 17−25 (2012) [full text ]

Janez Kolenc
Anthropological approach to political culture: The case of Slovenia
Anthropological Notebooks 18(2), 27−43 (2012) [full text ]

Suchismita Mishra, Deepak Kumar Behera and Bontha Veerraju Babu
Socialisation and gender bias at the household level among school-attending girls in a tribal community of the Kalahandi district of Eastern India
Anthropological Notebooks 18(2), 45−53 (2012) [full text ]

Nevenka Podgornik
Depression - a socio-cultural way of manifesting women's psychological crises
Anthropological Notebooks 18(2), 55−67 (2012) [full text ]

Duško Bjelica, Stevo PopoviŠ, Miroslav KezunovŠ, Jovica PetkoviŠ, Gregor Jurak and Pavel Grasgruber
Body height and its estimation utilising arm span measurements in Montenegrin adults
Anthropological Notebooks 18(2), 69−83 (2012) [full text ]


• Fassin, Didier: Humanitarian Reason. A Moral History of the Present
• Anderson, Astrid: Landscapes of Relations and Belonging. Body, Place and Politics in Wogeo, Papua New Guinea
• Heinonen, Paula: Youth Gangs and Street Children. Culture, Nurture and Masculinity in Ethiopia
• Fischer, Johan: The Halal Frontier. Muslim Consumers in a Globalized Market
• Fox, Katy: Peasants into European Farmers? EU Integration in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania
• Ahearn, Laura M.: Living Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
• Connerton, Paul: The Spirit of Mourning: History, Memory and the Body

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