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Manuscript submission

Autors should consider the following instructions :

I. Types of articles
II. Language
III. Titles of articles
IV. Abstract and keywords
V. Notes
VI. Quotations
VII. Charts, tables and photographs
VIII. References
IX. Format and form of articles

Manuscripts should be sent via e-mail on: drustvo.antropologov@guest.arnes.si



a) SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES are comprehensive descriptions of original research and include author's own ethnographic study and/or a theoretical survey of a topic, critical evaluation of existing literature, new insights and arguments, a detailed presentation of results with discussion and conclusion. The editors welcome full-length articles up to 10,000 words, and shorter articles on topical issues up to 4,000 words, including maps, tables, graphs, drawings, illustrations, footnotes, and references. Scientific articles will be submitted to referees, i.e. evaluated by experts before being accepted for publication. Their comments will be passed on anonymously to the authors. Final responsibility for acceptance rests with the editorial board.
b) REVIEW ARTICLES will be published in the journal after consultation between the editorial board and the author. Review articles may be as long as scientific articles and will be subject to peer review.
c) BRIEF NOTES are original articles from various anthropological fields that do not include a detailed theoretical discussion. Their aim is to acquaint readers with preliminary or partial results of research. They should not be longer than 1200 words. Brief notes will be subject to peer review.
d) BOOK REVIEW acquaints readers with the content of an important book and should not exceed 1000 words.
e) CONGRESS NEWS reports on the content and conclusions of important congresses and seminars at home and abroad.


Articles should be submitted in English. The editorial board reserves the right to publish an individual article in some other language. Brief notes, book reviews and congress news may also appear in Slovenian.


Titles (in English and Slovenian) must be short, informative, and understandable. The title should be followed by the name of the author(s), their position, institutional affiliation, and if possible, by e-mail address.


The abstract must give concise information about the objective, the method used, the results obtained, and the conclusions. Authors are asked to enclose in English and Slovene an abstract of 100 to 200 words followed by three to five keywords. They must reflect the field of research covered in the article. English abstract should be placed at the beginning of an article and the Slovenian one after the references at the end.


Notes should also be double-spaced and used sparingly. They must be numbered consecutively throughout the text and assembled at the end of the article just before references.


Short quotations (less than 30 words) should be placed in single quotation marks with double marks for quotations within quotations. Longer quotations over 35 words should be intended without quotation marks except for quotations within quotations (placed in single quotation marks).


Articles should not contain more than 10 illustrations (graphs, figures, maps, photographs) and tables, and their position in the article should be clearly indicated. Tables with their legends should be submitted on the separate pages. Titles of tables should appear above the tables, and titles of graphs and illustrations below. Acknowledge any photograph not your own.


References within the text should be cited by the author's last name in the form (Malinowski 1922: 35; Turner 1980: 145) or 'According to Malinowski (1922: 35).'. List of references should be arranged in alphabetical order and should include the following: surname and name of author(s), date, title, and (for books) place of publication and name of publisher; for articles, the name of a journal in full, the volume, the number in parenthesis, and pagination. Arabic numerals should be used throughout. Examples are:
Malinowski, Bronislaw. 1922. Argonauts of the Western Pacific. London: Routledge.
Tonkinson, Robert. 1988. 'Ideology and Domination' in Aboriginal Australia: A Western Desert Test Case. In: Tim Ingold, David Riches & James Woodburn (eds.), Hunters and Gatherers. Oxford: Berg, pp. 170–184.
Turner, Victor. 1980. Social Dramas and Stories About Them. Critical Inquiry 7(1): 141–68.


Articles should be written with Word for Windows using Times New Roman CE 12 font with double spacing, align left and margins of 3 cm on A4 pages. Paragraphs must be indented rather than separated by an empty line. Foreign words (except proper names) should be italicised. All articles should be proofread for professional and language errors before submission.

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