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2013, volume XIX, number 1



Irit Eguavoen
Climate change and trajectories of blame in Northern Ghana
Anthropological Notebooks 19(1), 5−24 (2013) [full text ]

Maheshvari Naidu
Perceptions around second generation female condoms: Reporting on women's experiences
Anthropological Notebooks 19(1), 25−34 (2013) [full text ]

Tatjana Novak and Rajko Vute
Spending leisure time and activities in the third period of life
Anthropological Notebooks 19(1), 35−44 (2013) [full text ]

Richard Pfeilstetter
Entrepreneurship and regional development in Europe: A comparative, socio-anthropological case study in Germany and Spain
Anthropological Notebooks 19(1), 45−57 (2013) [full text ]

Sasala Taiban
From Rekai to Labelabe: Disaster and relocation on the example of Kucapungane, Taiwan
Anthropological Notebooks 19(1), 59−76 (2013) [full text ]

Barbara Turk Niskač
Children's learning through observation in the context of work and play
Anthropological Notebooks 19(1), 77−96 (2013) [full text ]


• Bowman, Glenn: Sharing the Sacra. The Politics and Pragmatics of Intercommunal Relations around Holy Places
• Lucht, Hans: Darkness before Daybreak. African Migrants Living on the Margins in Southern Italy Today
• Edwards, Jeanette and Maja Petrovič-Šteger: Recasting Anthropological Knowledge. Inspiration and Social Science
• Hazan, Haim and Esther Hertzog: Serendipity in Anthropological Research
• Hayoz, Nicolas, Leszek Jesieņ and Daniela Koleva: 20 Years after the Collapse of Communism. Expectations, Achievements and Disillusions of 1989
• Hoffman, Danny: The War Machines. Young Men and Violence in Sierra Leone and Liberia
• Rice, Timothy: Ethnomusicological Encounters with Music and Musicians (Essays in Honor of Robert Grafias)
• Hart, Keith, Jean-Louis Laville and Antonio David Cattani: The Human Economy

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