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2017, volume XXIII, number 3
Landscape and Heritage Interplay
Guest editors: Mario Katić, Nataša Gregorič Bon & John Eade


Mario Katić, Nataša Gregorič Bon and John Eade
Landscape and heritage interplay: Spatial and temporal explorations
Anthropological Notebooks 23(3), 5–18 (2017) [full text ]

Natalia Bloch
Taxonomic panic and the art of "making do" at a heritage site: The case of Hampi UNESCO site, India
Anthropological Notebooks 23(3), 19–43 (2017) [full text ]

Martina Bofulin
Building memorials for a friend or a foe? Mobility and heritage dissonance amid China-Japan conflict
Anthropological Notebooks 23(3), 45–61 (2017) [full text ]

Anna Niedźwiedź
The multivocality of space and the creation of heritages: New shrines in an old city
Anthropological Notebooks 23(3), 63–86 (2017) [full text ]

Tinka Delakorda Kawashima
Landscape in Hirado revealing the secrets of Hidden Christians' life-world: National and global policies in cultural heritage protection
Anthropological Notebooks 23(3), 87–107 (2017) [full text ]

Ariadne Menzel
Hiking and history: The various meanings of the Cathar Trail in the South of France
Anthropological Notebooks 23(3), 109–9132 (2017) [full text ]


• Prendergast, David and Chiara Garattini: Aging and the Digital Life Course
• Ferguson, James: Give a Man a Fish: Reflections on the New Politics of Distribution
• Horvath, Agnes, Bjorn Thomassen and Harald Wydra: Breaking Boundaries. Varieties of Liminality
• Brković, Čarna: Managing Ambiguity: How Clientelism, Citizenship, and Power Shape Personhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Nahm, Sheena and Cortney Hughes Rinker: Applied Anthropology: Unexpected Spaces, Topics, and Methods
• Gerritsen, Anne, Giorgio Riello: Writing Material Culture History

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