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2018, letnik XXIV, številka 2



Muhammad Bilal
Rethinking the authority of Muslim religious scholars and mosques in shaping religious discourse in Pakistan: An ethnographic account
Anthropological Notebooks 24(2), 5–24 (2018) [polno besedilo ]

Duška Knežević Hočevar
'We are sustainable - they are not!' Farmers' understandings of sustainable agriculture in Slovenia
Anthropological Notebooks 24(2), 25–46 (2018) [polno besedilo ]

Hayat Khan
Social class and it's interplay with other social factors in Swat Taliban movement: An anthropological inquiry
Anthropological Notebooks 24(2), 47–59 (2018) [polno besedilo ]

Marina Simić
(Not) turning in the Widening Gyre: The (im)possibility of the ontological turn in Eastern Europe
Anthropological Notebooks 24(2), 61–73 (2018) [polno besedilo ]

Zoran Stiperski, Tomica Hruška, Emil Herćak and Lučka Lorber
Planimetry of settlements as a confirmation of transformation in the Atalaya region in Peruvian Amazonia
Anthropological Notebooks 24(2), 75–96 (2018) [polno besedilo ]


Sumahan Bandyopadhyay
Contemporary religious ethos in an urban milieu of West Bengal: Reflections from a study of the planetary deity Soni
Anthropological Notebooks 24(2), 99–109 (2018) [polno besedilo ]


• Jašarević, Larisa: Health and Wealth on the Bosnian Market: Intimate Debt
• Glick Schiller, Nina and Andrew Irving: Whose Cosmopolitanism? Critical Perspectives, Relationalities and Discontents
• Elliot, Alice, Roger Norum and Noel B. Salazar: Methodologies of Mobility. Ethnography and Experiment
• Barrera-González, Andrés, Monica Heintz and Anna Horolets: European Anthropologies
• Musha Doerr, Neriko and Hannah Davis Taieb: The Romance of Crossing Borders. Studying and Volunteering Abroad

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