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2019, volume XXV, number 1
Fifty years of Ethnic Groups and Boundaries
Guest editors: Marek Jakoubek and Lenka J. Budilová



Marek Jakoubek and Lenka J. Budilová
Editorial: A half-century of Ethnic Groups and Boundaries: time for (another) evaluation
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 5–12 (2019) [full text ]

Marek Jakoubek and Lenka J. Budilová
Ethnicity and the boundaries of ethnic studies
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 13–26 (2019) [full text ]

Thomas Hylland Eriksen
The epistemological status of the concept of ethnicity
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 27–46 (2019) [full text ]

Jonathan Y. Okamura
What about racial groups and boundaries (and race and racism)?
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 37–56 (2019) [full text ]

Marek Jakoubek
Ethnic indifference – Fredrik Barth’s conceptual blind spot
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 57–76 (2019) [full text ]

Steve Fenton and Robin Mann
Nation and national identity as a boundary: The English, the British, and the European Union
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 77–96 (2019) [full text ]

Alenka Janko Spreizer
National state borders and ethnic boundaries in Istria and the North East Adriatic
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 97–114 (2019) [full text ]

Will Guy
Roma as ethnic group, nation, or others’ construct: The relevance of Fredrik Barth
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 115–130 (2019) [full text ]

David Lagunas
After Barth: The Mexican Calós’s lived identity
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 131–148 (2019) [full text ]

Petra Lupták Burzová
‘Standard workers are from here, normal people’: Ethnoracial closure and industrial organisation of cheap labour in the Czech Republic
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 149–162 (2019) [full text ]


Marek Jakoubek and Lenka J. Budilová
The magic of anthropology: Interview with Prof. Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo)
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 165–174 (2019) [full text ]


Marek Jakoubek and Lenka J. Budilová
William G. Lockwood (1933-2017): Obituary with selected bibliography
Anthropological Notebooks 25(1), 177–181 (2019) [full text ]


• Eriksen, Thomas Hylland and Marek Jakoubek: Ethnic groups and boundaries today. A legacy of fifty years
• Giraldo Herrera, César E.: Microbes and Other Shamanic Beings
• Yoneyama, Shoko: Animism in Contemporary Japan: Voices for the Anthropocene from Post-Fukushima Japan
• Carter, Lyn: Indigenous Pacific Approaches to Climate Change Aotearoa/New Zealand
• Pandian, Anand and Stuart McLean: Crumpled Paper Boat: Experiments in Ethnographic Writing

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