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2019, volume XXV, number 34



Ana Sarah Lunaček Brumen
Beyond occidentalism: Critique of life in Europe by Tuaregs in Niger
Anthropological Notebooks 25(3), 5–22 (2019) [full text ]

Tea Gutović, Renata Relja and Toni Popović
The 2CELLOS phenomenon: Social and cultural aspects of their fandom
Anthropological Notebooks 25(3), 23–40 (2019) [full text ]

Marco Capocasa, Grigorius Fytanidis, Francesco Masedu and Maria Enrica Danubio
Height trends in males and females from the island of Crete and its prefectures at the turn of the 20th century
Anthropological Notebooks 25(3), 35–53 (2019) [full text ]

Gregor Starc, Stevo Popović, Višnja Đordić, Sergej Ostojić, Sanja Musić Milanović, Enisa Kujundžić, Igor Spiroski, Saša Đurić, Bojan Mašanović, Vedrana Sember and Bojan Leskošek
Differences in body height between the contemporary Western Balkan children and the WHO growth references core sample
Anthropological Notebooks 25(3), 55–67 (2019) [full text ]

Lucija Strmšek and Iztok Štamfelj
The prevalence of three-rooted permanent mandibular first molars in the population of Slovenia
Anthropological Notebooks 25(3), 69–75 (2019) [full text ]

Jovan Gardasevic
Body height in Kosovo population and its estimation from tibia length: National survey
Anthropological Notebooks 25(3), 77–86 (2019) [full text ]

Petra Golja
A short history of physical anthropology in Slovenia
Anthropological Notebooks 25(3), 87–93 (2019) [full text ]


• Salazar Parreñas, Juno: Decolonizing Extinction: The Work of Care in Orangutan Rehabilitation

• Holbraad, Martin and Morten Axel Pedersen: The Ontological Turn. An Anthropological Exposition

• Vindrola-Padros, Cecilia, Ginger A. Johnson, and Anne E. Pfister: Healthcare in Motion. Immobilities in Health Service Delivery and Access

• Groes, Christian and Nadine T. Fernandez: Intimate Mobilities. Sexual Economies, Marriage and Migration in a Disparate World

• Stanish, Charles: The Evolution of Human Co-operation. Ritual and Social Complexity in Stateless Societies

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