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2007, letnik XIII, številka 1


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J. Edgar BAUER
THE FEMALE PHALLUS: On Alfred Kinsey's sexual vitalism, the theo-political reinstatement of the male/female divide, and the postmodern de-finitization of sexualities
Anthropological Notebooks
13(1), 5-32 (2007) [polno besedilo ]

Ana Maria OTEANU
International circulatory migration as a local developing factor: The Romanian example
Anthropological Notebooks 13(1), 33-44 (2007) [polno besedilo ]

Kirsty TUMES
Out of my way: Using qualitative methods to understand recreation conflict between bushwalkers and mountain bike riders
Anthropological Notebooks 13(1), 45-57 (2007) [polno besedilo ]

'Global city' and 'global village': The emergence of urban-rural conflicts in Central Russia
Anthropological Notebooks 13(1), 57-65 (2007) [polno besedilo ]


Hossein BARANI
Teaching the shepherds or learning from them? The Iranian experience
Anthropological Notebooks 13(1), 69-74 (2007) [polno besedilo ]

Multicultural diversity at work: The employment prospects of the asylum seekers in Slovenia
Anthropological Notebooks 13(1), 75-77 (2007) [polno besedilo ]


• Karen Coen Flynn: Food, Culture and Survival in an African City
• Vera Tiesler & Andrea Cucina: Janaab'Pakal of Palenque. Reconstructing the Life and Death of a Maya Ruler
• Willemijn de Jong, Claudia Roth, Fatoumata Badini-Kinda & Seema Bhagyanath: Ageing in Insecurity: Case Studies on Social Security and Gender in India and Burkina Faso - Vieillir dans l'insécurité: Sécurité sociale et genre en Inde et au Burkina Faso
• David Bohm: Thought as a System
• Frances Short: Kitchen Secrets: The Meaning of Cooking in Everyday Life

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