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2011, volume XVII, number 2
Contributions to Indigenous Studies
Editors: Quentin Gausset, Justin Kenrick and Robert Gibb



Quentin Gausset, Justin Kenrick and Robert Gibb
Introduction: What place for indigenous people in modern States?
Anthropological Notebooks 17(2), 5−9 (2011) [full text ]

Justin Kenrick
Unthinking Eurocentrism: The political writing of Adam Kuper and Tim Ingold
Anthropological Notebooks 17(2), 11−36 (2011) [full text ]

Sabine Kradolfer
(Self)essentialisation of cultural differences: How peoples and States play hide-and-seek
Anthropological Notebooks 17(2), 37−53 (2011) [full text ]

Filippo Lenzi Grillini
Ethnic identity 'under review': The issue of the anthropologic survey on the Indigenous Lands of Brazil
Anthropological Notebooks 17(2), 55−74 (2011) [full text ]

Thea Luig
Legitimacy on stage: Discourse and knowledge in environmental review processes in Northern Canada
Anthropological Notebooks 17(2), 75−89 (2011) [full text ]

Luisa Steur
Traveling models of indigenism and Kerala's emergent 'adivasi' politics
Anthropological Notebooks 17(2), 91−109 (2011) [full text ]


• Desai, Amit and Evan Killick: The Ways of Friendship: Anthropological Perspectives
• Kapferer, Bruce, Kari Telle and Annelin Eriksen: Contemporary Religiosities. Emergent Socialities and the Post-Nation-State
• Cadlwell, Kia Lilly, Kathleen Coll, Tracy Fisher, Renya Ramirez and Lok Siu: Gendered Citizenships, Transnational Perspectives on Knowledge Production, Political Activism, and Culture
• Penn, Shana and Jill Massino: Gender Politics and Everyday Life in State Socialist Eastern and Central Europe
• Lukšič-Hacin, Marina and Jernej Mlekuž: Go Girls! When Slovenian Women Left Home
• Candea, Matei: Corsican Fragments - Difference, Knowledge, and Fieldwork
• Jezernik, Božidar: Imagining the Turk

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