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2011, volume XVII, number 3



Mehrdad Arabestani and Juli Edo
The Semai’s response to missionary work: From resistance to compliance
Anthropological Notebooks 17(3), 5−27 (2011) [full text ]

Liza Debevec
To share or not to share: Hierarchy in the distribution of family meals in urban Burkina Faso
Anthropological Notebooks 17(3), 29−49 (2011) [full text ]

Toomas Gross
Divided over Tourism: Zapotec Responses to Mexico’s ‘Magical Villages Program’
Anthropological Notebooks 17(3), 51−71 (2011) [full text ]

Jaka Repič
Appropriation of space and water in informal urban settlements of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Anthropological Notebooks 17(3), 73−87 (2011) [full text ]

Gregor Starc and Janko Strel
Is there a rationale for establishing Slovenian body mass index references of school-aged children and adolescents?
Anthropological Notebooks 17(3), 89−100 (2011) [full text ]

Irena Šumi and Alenka Janko Spreizer
That which soils the nation’s body: discriminatory discourse of Slovenian academics on the Romany, foreigners and women
Anthropological Notebooks 17(3), 101−121 (2011) [full text ]


• Carter, Donald Martin: Navigating the African Diaspora. The Anthropology of Invisibility
• Geiger, Martin and Antoine Pécoud:The Politics of International Migration Management
• Collins, Peter and Anselma Gallinat: The Ethnographic Self as Resource. Writing Memory and Experience into Ethnography
• Prado, Italo and Giuliana B. Prato: Citizenship and the Legitimacy of Governance: Anthropology in the Mediterranean Region
• Gdaniec, Cordula: Cultural Diversity in Russian Cities. The Urban Landscape in the Post-Soviet Era
• Derricourt, Robin: Inventing Africa: History, Archaeology and Ideas
• Kozorog, Miha: Antropologija turistične destinacije v nastajanju: prostor, festivali in lokalna identiteta na Tolminskem

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