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2014, volume XX, number 2



Blaž Bajič
Running as nature intended: Barefoot running as enskillment and a way of becoming
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 5–26 (2014) [full text ]

Kamila Baraniecka-Olszewska
The role of the religious crowd in the mass Catholic events: The Passion play and Nativity play in Warsaw
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 27–43 (2014) [full text ]

Mark Kleyman
Personalism or instrumentalism? Grassroots authoritarianism and the escape from freedom in socialist and post-socialist cities
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 45–59 (2014) [full text ]

Darja Kobal Grum, Toshibumi Kakizawa and Marie Celeste
Assessment of play behaviours and social interactions of two blind girls: Case studies in Japan
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 61–76 (2014) [full text ]

Tanja Podbevšek
For a good fitted skirt, the waist-to-hip distance should be measured
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 77–88 (2014) [full text ]

Jana S. Rošker
China's modernisation: From daring reforms to a modern Confucian revival of traditional values
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 89–102 (2014) [full text ]

Lara Šesek and Maruša Pušnik
Reading popular literature and digital media: Reading experience, fandoms, and social networks
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 103–126 (2014) [full text ]

Nataša Visočnik
Living on the edge: Buraku in Kyoto, Japan
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 127–143 (2014) [full text ]

Dorjana Zerbo Šporin
Waist circumference is appropriate for quantifying body fat in university female students
Anthropological Notebooks 20(2), 145–153 (2014) [full text ]


IN MEMORIAM: Vida Brodar [full text ]


• Paik, Peter P. and Merry Wiesner-Hanks: Debt. Ethics, the Environment, and the Economy
• Rapport, Nigel: Anyone. The Cosmopolitan Subject of Anthropology
• Wright, Christopher: The Echo of Things. The Lives of Photographs in the Solomon Islands
• Bennet, Andy and Paul Hodkinson: Ageing and Youth Cultures. Music, Style and Identity
• Davis, Elizabeth Anne: Bad Souls. Madness and Responsibility in Modern Greece
• Iosif Ross, Anamaria: The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine
• Ingold, Tim and Gisli Pálsson: Biosocial Becomings. Integrating Social and Biological Anthropology
• Gronseth, Anne Sigfrid: Being Human, Being Migrant. Senses of Self and Well-Being
• Macdonald, Sharon: Memorylands: Heritage and Identity in Europe Today
• Boissevain, Jeremy: Factions, Friends and Feasts. Anthropological Perspectives on the Mediterranean
• Behar, Ruth: Traveling Heavy. A Memoir in Between Journeys

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