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2014, volume XX, number 3
Doing Various Paths of Family Farming Development
Editor: Duška Knežević Hočevar



Duška Knežević Hočevar
Anthropological Notebooks 20(3), 5–8 (2014) [full text ]

Katherine A. Snyder and Beth Cullen
Implications of sustainable agricultural intensification for family farming in Africa: Anthropological perspectives
Anthropological Notebooks 20(3), 9–29 (2014) [full text ]

Michael Woods
Family farming in the global countryside
Anthropological Notebooks 20(3), 31–48 (2014) [full text ]

Cristina Grasseni
Family farmers between re-localisation and co-production
Anthropological Notebooks 20(3), 49–66 (2014) [full text ]

Sally Shortall
Farming, identity and well-being: managing changing gender roles within Western European farm families
Anthropological Notebooks 20(3), 67–81 (2014) [full text ]

Alenka Bartulović and Miha Kozorog
Taking up organic farming in (pre-)Alpine Slovenia: Contrasting motivations of dairy farmers from less-favoured agricultural areas
Anthropological Notebooks 20(3), 83–102 (2014) [full text ]

Duška Knežević Hočevar and Majda Černič Istenič
In pursuit of knowledge-based Slovenia: Is knowledge transfer to agriculture stuck in faculties?
Anthropological Notebooks 20(3), 103–121 (2014) [full text ]


• Beck, Sam and Carl A. Maida: Toward Engaged Anthropology
• Majumdar, Saikat: Prose of the World: Modernism and the Banality of Empire
• Filitz, Thomas and A. Jamie Saris: Debating Authenticity. Concepts of Modernity in Anthropological Perspective
• Stutje, Jan Willem: Charismatic Leadership and Social Movements. The Revolutionary Power of Ordinary Men and Women
• Tyrell, Naomi, Allen White, Caitríona Ní Laoire and Fina Carpena-Méndez: Transnational Migration and Childhood
• Woods, Ruth: Children's Moral Lives: An Ethnographic and Psychological Approach
• Marion, Jonathan M. and Jerome W. Crowder: Visual Research. A Concise Introduction to Thinking Visually
• Brodwin, Paul: Everyday Ethics. Voices from the Front Line of Community Psychiatry
• Niehaus, Isak: Witchcraft and a Life in New South Africa

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