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2015, volume XXI, number 1


Georg W. Oesterdiekhoff
Interrelations between the brain, psychological stage development, and societal evolution
Anthropological Notebooks 21(1), 5–21 (2015) [full text ]

Anna E. Kubiak
Assisted dying in the context of biopower
Anthropological Notebooks 21(1), 23–35 (2015) [full text ]

Vicko Tomić, Renata Relja and Toni Popović
Ethnography of urban public transport: A tale of two cities in Croatia
Anthropological Notebooks 21(1), 37–59 (2015) [full text ]

Abdolhossein Daneshvarinasab, Melasutra Md Dali and Mohd Fauzi Yaacob
The contribution of leisure to religious continuity among the Zoroastrians
Anthropological Notebooks 21(1), 61–81 (2015) [full text ]

Mokete B. Nyaphisi and Emeka E. Obioha
Challenges of HIV and AIDS-related community home-based health care delivery system in Roma Valley, Lesotho
Anthropological Notebooks 21(1), 83–105 (2015) [full text ]

Čarna Brković and Andrew Hodges
Rethinking world anthropologies through fieldwork: Perspectives on "extended stay" and "back-and-forth" methodologies
Anthropological Notebooks 21(1), 107–120 (2015) [full text ]

Muhammad Aurang Zeb Mughal
Being and becoming native: a methodological enquiry into doing anthropology at home
Anthropological Notebooks 21(1), 121–132 (2015) [full text ]


• Tomori, Cecília: Nighttime Breastfeeding. An American Cultural Dilemma
• Wolf, Joan: Is Breast Best? Taking on the Breastfeeding Experts and the New High Stakes of Motherhood
• Constable, Nicole: Born Out of Place. Migrant Mothers and the Politics of International Labor
• Moberg, Mark: Engaging Anthropological Theory
• Partridge, Damani J.: Hypersexuality and Headscarves Race, Sex, and Citizenship in the New Germany
• Suhr, Christian and Rane Willerslev: Transcultural Montage
• Fassin, Didier and Samuel Lézé: Moral Anthropology. A Critical Reader
• Long, Nicholas J. and Henrietta Moore: The Social Life of Achievement
• Flesher Fominaya, Cristina and Laurence Cox: Understanding European Movements. New Social Movements, Global Justice Struggles, Anti-Austerity Protest
• Crawford, Lizabeth and Katherine Novak: Individual and Society. Sociological Social Psychology
• Konopinski, Natalie: Doing Anthropological Research. A Practical Guide
• Belting, Hans: An Anthropology of Images. Picture, Medium, Body
• Blanco, Maria-Jose and Ricarda Vidal: The Power of Death: Contemporary Reflections on Death in Western Society

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