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2015, volume XXI, number 2


Andrew Dawson
The road to Srebrenica: Automobility and belonging in a post-socialist/war milieu
Anthropological Notebooks 21(2), 5–25 (2015) [full text ]

Maheshvari Naidu and Gabriel Darong
The ancestors have caused this: isiZulu-speaking nurses' understandings of illness and patient care
Anthropological Notebooks 21(2), 27–40 (2015) [full text ]

Vanda Pribačić Ambrožić, Lajos Szirovicza, Joško Sindik and Pavao Rudan
Structures of morphological characteristics of the population of the island of Rab
Anthropological Notebooks 21(2), 41–54 (2015) [full text ]

Joanna Rak
A typology of cultural attitudes as a device describing political thought of the populations influenced by globalisation
Anthropological Notebooks 21(2), 55–70 (2015) [full text ]

Aleksandra Terzić, Vladimir Krivošejev and Željko Bjeljac
Cross-cultural exchange: Saint George's day customs as a common heritage of Balkan nations
Anthropological Notebooks 21(2), 71–88 (2015) [full text ]


Marco Capocasa, Veronica Marcari, Enzo D'Arcangelo, Maria Enrica Danubio and Fabrizio Rufo
Evaluation of socio-cultural factors in the learning of human evolution in the urban context of Rome
Anthropological Notebooks 21(2), 91–96 (2015) [full text ]

Shannon Morreira
Notes on gatekeepers and the production of knowledge in and about the postcolonial humanities
Anthropological Notebooks 21(2), 97–100 (2015) [full text ]


• Reeves, Madeleine: Border Work: Spatial Lives of the State in Rural Central Asia
• Constable, Nicole: Born Out of Place. Migrant Mothers and the Politics of International Labor
• Prentice, Rachel: Bodies in Formation. An Ethnography of Anatomy and Surgery Education
• Eriksen, Thomas Hylland, Christina Garsten and Shalini Randeria: Anthropology Now and Next: Essays in Honor of Ulf Hannerz
• Jackson, Michael: The Other Shore: Essays on Writers and Writing
• Born, Georgina: Music, Sound and Space. Transformations of Public and Private Experience
• Endressen, Cecilie: Is the Albanian's Religion really 'Albanianism'? Religion and Nation according to Muslim and Christian Leaders in Albania
• Stryker, Rachael and Roberto González: Up, Down, and Sideways. Anthropologists Trace the Pathways of Power
• Inhorn, Marcia C. and Emily A. Wentzell: Medical Anthropology at the Intersections: Histories, Activisms and Futures
• Wilcox, Melissa M.: Religion in Today's World. Global Issues, Sociological Perspectives
• Cassidy, Tanya and Abdullahi El Tom: Ethnographies of Breastfeeding. Cultural Contexts and Confrontations
• Benson, Michaela and Nick Osbaldiston: Understanding Lifestyle Migration. Theoretical Approaches to Migration and the Quest for a Better Way of Life

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