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2016, volume XXII, number 1


Kwang Hyun Ko
Origins of human intelligence: The chain of tool-making and brain evolution
Anthropological Notebooks 22(1), 5–22 (2016) [full text ]

Daniel Klimovský, Tomáš Želinský, Kvetoslava Matlovičová and Alexander Mušinka
Roma settlements and poverty in Slovakia: Different policy approaches of the state, local governments, and NGOs
Anthropological Notebooks 22(1), 23–42 (2016) [full text ]

Sanja Pavlović, Marija Belij, Jelena Belij, Marina Ilinčić and Bojana Mihajlović
Negotin wine region, then and now – the role of tourism in revitalising traditional winemaking
Anthropological Notebooks 22(1), 43–57 (2016) [full text ]

Eyo Mensah and Ekawan Silva
The language of libation rituals among the Efik
Anthropological Notebooks 22(1), 59–76 (2016) [full text ]

Aisha Jalil, Ahmed Usman and Rubeena Zakar
When sellers’ behaviour goes bad: Linking customer discrimination and customer’s visible characteristics
Anthropological Notebooks 22(1), 77–94 (2016) [full text ]

Vesna Vujačić and Filip Kovačević
Gastrosophy and food as cultural practice: The case of Montenegro
Anthropological Notebooks 22(1), 95–105 (2016) [full text ]


Sudip Datta Banik
Sitting height ratio and interpretation of BMI-based nutritional status among Sarak adults of Bundu, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Anthropological Notebooks 22(1), 109–114 (2016) [full text ]


• Fardon, Richard: Mary Douglas. Cultures and Crises. Understanding Risk and Resolution
• Fardon, Richard: Mary Douglas. A Very Personal Method. Anthropological Writings Drawn from Life
• Inhorn, Marcia C., Wendy Chavkin and José-Alberto Navarro: Globalized Fatherhood
• Steyn, Juliet and Nadja Stamselberg: Breaching Borders: Art, Migrants and the Metaphor of Waste
• Schechter, Kate: Illusions of a Future: Psychoanalysis and the Biopolitics of Desire
• Fuglerud, Øivind and Leon Wainwright: Objects and Imagination. Perspectives on Materialization and Meaning
• Brown, Michael F.: Upriver. The Turbulent Life and Times of an Amazonian People
• Smith, Katherine, James Staples and Nigel Rapport: Extraordinary Encounters. Authenticity and the Interview
• Amit, Vered: Thinking through Sociality. An Anthropological Interrogation of Key Concepts
• Mlekuž, Jernej, Damir Josipovič, Mojca Kovačič and Dimitrij Mlekuž: Venček domačih. Predmeti, Slovencem sveti
• Brulotte, Ronda L. and Michael A. Di Giovine: Edible Identities: Food as Cultural Heritage

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