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2016, volume XXII, number 2


Jurij Bon, Grega Repovš, Indre Pileckyte and Borut Škodlar
Variable causes of social dysfunction in schizophrenia: The interplay of neurocognitive, personal, and intersubjective factors
Anthropological Notebooks 22(2), 5–30 (2016) [full text ]

Marco Capocasa, Virginia McCuen, Beatrice Venier and Fabrizio Rufo
Between universal and local: Towards an evolutionary anthropology of emotions
Anthropological Notebooks 22(2), 31–42 (2016) [full text ]

Moran Betzer-Tayar, Sima Zach and Yair Galily
The National Project for Women and Sport (NPWS): A discourse analysis of gender-based organisation
Anthropological Notebooks 22(2), 43–56 (2016) [full text ]

Aleksandra Jacukowicz, Adrianna Potocka and Dorota Merecz-Kot
Perceptions of parenthood: Parents' vision of an ideal childhood versus reality
Anthropological Notebooks 22(2), 57–78 (2016) [full text ]

Vanessa Gómez Bernal and Beltrán Roca
Disability, social movements and radical theory: An anthropological approach
Anthropological Notebooks 22(2), 79–92 (2016) [full text ]

Dorjana Zerbo Šporin
Classification of excess weight and obesity using skinfolds in female university students from Slovenia
Anthropological Notebooks 22(2), 93–104 (2016) [full text ]


Elma Mrehić, Damir Marjanović, Rifat Hadžiselimović and Elma Ferić
An examination of growth acceleration trends within a male population in Bosnia and Herzegovina between the 19th and 21st centuries
Anthropological Notebooks 22(2), 107–115 (2016) [full text ]


• Ansell, Aaron: Zero Hunger: Political Culture and Antipoverty Policy in Northeast Brazil
• Callison, Candis: How Climate Change Comes to Matter: The Communal Life of Facts
• Hours, Bernard and Pepita Ould Ahmed: An Anthropological Economy of Debt
• Dilley, Roy and Thomas G. Kirsch: Regimes of Ignorance. Anthropological Perspectives on the Production and Reproduction of Non-knowledge
• Henne, Adam: Environmentalism, Ethical Trade, and Commodification. Technologies of Value and the Forest Stewardship Council in Chile
• Miller, Daniel and Jolynna Sinanan: Webcam
• Ange, Olivia and David Berliner: Anthropology and Nostalgia
• Salazar, Noel B. and Nelson H. H. Graburn: Tourism Imaginaries. Anthropological Approaches

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