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2016, volume XXII, number 3


Inigo González-Fuente and Isabel Pérez-Ortega
People as agents of the neoliberal project: A longitudinal study of school to work transitions in Spain
Anthropological Notebooks 22(3), 5–23 (2016) [full text ]

Marek Jakoubek
Anthropology in Eastern Europe between positivism and constructivism: A case from the Czech Republic
Anthropological Notebooks 22(3), 25–45 (2016) [full text ]

Marija Jevtić, Tatjana Tamaš, Snežana Pantić Aksentijević and Dragana Stojanović
Reproductive health in Serbia: Condition, perspectives and demographic significance
Anthropological Notebooks 22(3), 47–60 (2016) [full text ]

Ivan Šprajc
Lunar alignments in Mesoamerican architecture
Anthropological Notebooks 22(3), 61–85 (2016) [full text ]

Boštjan Kravanja
The place of backpacker enclaves: Exploring the concept towards its temporariness and situational contexts
Anthropological Notebooks 22(3), 87–107 (2016) [full text ]

Gregor Starc and Ilija Klinčarov
Growth and nutritional status of migrant and minority children: The case of Macedonian and Albanian children in Slovenia and Macedonia
Anthropological Notebooks 22(3), 109–123 (2016) [full text ]

Irena Šumi, Cirila Toplak and Kristina Toplak
From raw ideology to cooked legality: Nation and citizenry in post-socialist Slovenia
Anthropological Notebooks 22(3), 125–143 (2016) [full text ]


Małgorzata Drywien, Joanna Frackiewicz, Magdalena Górnicka, Justyna Wielgosz, Anna Sobolewska and Stanisław Kulik
Influence of the somatotype on intake of energy and nutrients in women
Anthropological Notebooks 22(3), 147–157 (2016) [full text ]


• Eriksen, Thomas Hylland: Overheating: An Anthropology of Accelerated Change
• Dalsgaard, Steffen and Morten Nielsen: Time and the Field
• Quayson, Ato: Oxford Street, Accra: City Life and the Itineraries of Transnationalism
• Birtchnell, Thomas and Javier Caletrío: Elite Mobilities
• Gudeman, Stephen: Anthropology and Economy
• Dransart, Penelope: Living Beings: Perspectives on Interspecies Engagements
• Thomassen, Bjorn: Liminality and the Modern. Living Through the In-Between

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